About & Contact

Hi, my name is CM Carter and I'm a Graphic Designer.

I work for the Union of Brunel Students; working on projects across all departments and designing for campaigns, charity work, corporate branding and nightlife.

Before this I was a freelancer and worked with various clients in the fields of music, literature and comedy. This includes designing everything from cover art for books and CDs to promotional items for both print and online.

I have created promo posters for a diverse range of events from punk rock clubs to comedy nights, book covers for poetry anthologies and sci-fi series and album art for everything from minimal acoustic outfits to left field no-wave noise-makers.

My work has been published by Off Life and Doodler’s Anonymous as well as being featured in online publications such as Design Week, Peculiar Bliss, Flamingo Magazine and The Artfuls.

In my spare time I create comics and illustrations under the name Breakfast Champion.

Fill out the form below if you need a hand with any design projects, or just to say hello.